The broad range of responsibilities for real estate professionals can be summarized as administration, management, letting, and marketing. Those seeking a profession that requires equal measures of organizational skills, communication abilities, and factual knowledge would be well-advised to consider a career in the real estate industry. In this field, the ability to interact with people is just as crucial as possessing specialized expertise.

To our future professionals, we offer a comprehensive and structured training program covering all aspects of the real estate industry. Through our in-house apprenticeship program, apprentices receive thorough preparation for the working world and have the opportunity to specialize in their main areas of interest by choosing from all five elective qualifications.

In addition to the apprenticeship program, which is supervised by our trained employees nationwide, we provide practical support for studying and retraining programs with a focus on the real estate industry. Furthermore, we offer interested students the opportunity for career guidance and orientation.

In-house Apprenticeship

In collaboration with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and local vocational schools, we provide nationwide trainings for real estate professionals as well as office management clerks.

Through this collaboration, we are able to cover all areas of the apprenticeship framework and integrate them into the structure of the company's training plan.



Internships for students: We not only provide opportunities for internships that are required as part of real estate-related degree programs, but also serve as a partner for dual study programs.
Internships for career changers: We offer placements for the practical component of real estate-related retraining programs in the respective necessary departments.
Internships for schools: We provide opportunities for school and holiday internships aimed at familiarizing students with various business-related professions.


Further Training

In-house trainings are a necessity. Our employees have the possibility to professionally and personally develop through regular trainings.

Our Contemporary Real Estate Academy (CREA) as Learning Management System offers a modern digital alternative, next to webinars and workshops.

Requested external trainings are evaluated and supported.

If you have any questions about our in-house apprenticeship, we look forward to hearing from you by e-mail at ausbildung(at)grandcityproperty.de.